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2B Studio + Format

2B Studio

2B Studio, is a design driven product development company that has been collaborating with clients for over 30 years. 2B's goal is to create meaningful products through thoughtful design and intelligent engineering.

Our team is hardworking and passionate, dedicated to the design process and equipped with a unique set of skills. 2B Studio's services include product design, product development, prototyping, testing and sourcing.

2B Studio navigates relationships with vendors, manufacturers and designers to provide clients with the highest quality product possible while adhering to cost and timeline targets.

Format Design

With the goal to design relevant and long-lasting products, Format creates functional and beautiful forms that consider the human body and its environment. Specializing in furniture Format boasts a variety of services, including environment design, research consultation, branding and more.

Format's designs are self-evident, comfortable, and honest in both materials and production. The company values their Danish design heritage and is unafraid to push the limits of design. Format is committed to understanding their clients' needs in detail and being a part of the design process from start to finish, using their knowledge and experience in art, craft, materials, and construction to create successful products. Format values an open and collaborative work processes and strives to be a reliable design partner.

2B Studio + Format

Located in West Michigan and well-versed in the competitive furniture landscape, our deep understanding of the contract furniture industry positions us uniquely to uncover potential business relationships.


We recognize Format's potential to flourish in the US market and aspire to play a part in bringing Format's authentic Danish design to the US market, pairing fresh concepts and markets.


Landscape Forms x Format

Format and Landscape Forms are connected by their commitment to creating furniture of the highest quality, considering aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.
This alignment of skill and values could lead to the development of new, innovative products that meet consumer demand and reduce environmental impact.

Format aims to expand beyond their European audience and into the U.S. market, bringing popular European design principles to the United States.

With expertise in fine outdoor furniture Format has potential to be a valuable addition to Landscape Form's roster of highly skilled designers. 

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