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Do you have a new product idea but don’t know what to do next? Have you started designing a product but gotten stuck along the way? Are you frustrated with a product's current design? Wherever you are in the design process, we can help! 

Our team focuses on a comprehensive approach to design. With 28 years of experience, we are familiar with the industry and all aspects of the design process. Our goal is to bring your product to life.



Researching Market Opportunities

learning about your product and its potential market

Our comprehensive approach begins with thorough research to better understand your product idea and the market that it fits into. This is how we ensure your product aligns with what your customers want.

Crafting your Concept

through sketching

Once we understand your idea we can begin sketching. Rough sketches help communicate ideas, demonstrate functionality, and visualize how the consumer will interact with your product. 

This is where your idea takes shape.

2D is good, but 3D is better, once the concept is solidified we will build it in 3D, enabling us to fine-tune it from every angle.

Fine-tuning your Concept

with 3D modeling

Cart Detail (1).png

Where we leave you.

Our work is completed when you have a model in your hands, photorealistic renderings, compelling visuals, and technical drawings, that together tell your product's story. We will work to connect you with the right people who can help you on your path to market.

Creating a Model of your Product

bringing your idea to life

Lastly, building a prototype will bring your idea to life and put something physical in your hands, this step will help you communicate your idea to potential manufacturers, partners, and consumers.

What makes 2B Studio the right choice for you?

We are prepared to meet you at any stage in the design process. Our experience with first-time inventors and experienced entrepreneurs makes us the right team for the job.

Wherever you are in the design process we can help you take the next step.


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If including sensitive information about your new product innovation please review our Non-Disclosure Agreement.

This will protect your idea and ensure safe communication.


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